“Starting a new business from ground zero meant I needed a firm that could get us out in the public eye in a big way.  Bonneau Caprece did just that . We have been open for three months and customers are telling us that they came as a result of the marketing this firm executed. They will always get my business and I recommend them highly.”

James “Jim” Hamlin

Owner & Chief Baker

The Avenue Bakery

“Bonneau Caprece was fantastic to work with in planning and executing Fashion’s Night Out – Baltimore which was our organizations largest and most successful event to date . With their understanding of public relations, strategic marketing, event management & production it made pulling together an event of this magnitude much more manageable. I would highly recommend hiring them if you want a professional and overall fun event.”

Christopher Schafer

Executive Director

Baltimore Fashion Alliance


“Bonneau Caprece did a great job of managing a project on behalf of our client — the Department of Energy.  They made sure everyone knew what was expected as well as the delivery date, so that our company always looked outstanding.  They also did an exceptional job of writing, even though in most cases there was little to no direction.  By doing their homework and a lot of research it enabled them to hit the mark on the first cut. The quality and execution of services provided by Bonneau Caprece directly supported the successful outcomes we delivered on behalf of our client.”

Chris Businsky, Senior Graphic Designer

Project Enhancement Corporation

Client:  The Department of Energy

Bonneau Caprece did an exceptional job given the time limitations they faced.  Theatre Morgan had not received such coverage in previous productions and we can thank Bonneau Caprece for the success of August Wilson’s JITNEY with Roscoe Orman.  As a university theatre arts program we have never had coverage by print and mass electronic media; however, we were covered by major institutions in Baltimore.  Bonneau Caprece provided weekly updates and accompanied our guest artist to interviews. Theatre Morgan looks forward to working with Bonneau Caprece in the future.

Shirley Basfield Dunlap

Associate Professor and Coordinator of Theatre Arts Morgan State University,

Director of August Wilson’s JITNEY with Roscoe Orman of famed Sesame Street

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